Posted on: November 26, 2009 3:04 pm
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Here's why the BCS will forever be questioned

While suffering through a poor Detroit Lions performance (yeah, I was rooting for the upset... want GB out of teh playoff hunt :) ), i got to thinking about something that a coworker told me today (considering Alabama/Auburn were playing today).

If Alabama wins against Auburn and faces Florida in the SEC-Championship team.
Texas loses to a&M...
TCU wins out...

Alabama beats Florida in the SEC championship game....

A coworker of mine heard a report saying that a 1-loss Florida SEC team would still end up with a better point standings in the BCS than TCU does, and by their own guildelines, the BCS would be obligated for a rematch with Alabama/Florida...  or so he claims?   Or am i missing something?

T?   Didn't we just see this game?    And what happens if Florida were to win the matchup?  

Alabama:   We beat you in the SEC-Title!  We're the best!
Florida;      We beat you in the Bowl Championship Game!  We're no 1

What then?  A rubber match?   Or was my friend misinformed about the standing of Florida?  If not, can the BCS simply turn down a higher pointed team?  (that opens up another kettle of fish...)

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Posted on: September 26, 2009 11:34 am

Doug Lesmerises backs me up :)

Without realizing it, of course... last blog entry I complained about the issues of the polling system and what I would do to correct it (within reason of course).

That being said, I just saw Doug Lesmerises top 25, and while I don't agree with him completely, I gotta congratulate him.  He proved me right, a lot of the reports I'm now reading are blasting the Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter for not going with the group think.  

The key line he said in a quick interview on the Gameday show:   "I don't use this neutral field matchup routine, because it didn't happen".   WELL SAID DOUG!!  We should be seeing a rating based on the BEST teams in the nation based on their performance.

Hopefully, Doug, you've set a trend, because it sounded like all but IDIOT Craig James agreed with your theory (James was sticking to the "history says" and "neutral field" issue.).. Even Kiper agreed with him, which shocked the you know what out of me.

I'd probably disagree with Doug on some of his picks, but I have to commend him for standing up for what he believes and what he sees.

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