Posted on: February 14, 2010 8:05 pm
Edited on: February 14, 2010 8:10 pm

Olympic fever... and too much excitement..

Okay, i spent most of the day (before coming to the office), watching the olympics (as long as it's not figure skating... sorry, but that BORES me to tears.. kinda like the Gymnastics in the Summer Olympics... I hate any athletic competition that is decided strictly by judges' scorecards.

And yes, that includes things like Snowboarding and Moguls (although moguls gets some slack for being a timed competition as well, but not much slack)... but then I'd guess we'd lose almost every winter olympic event except for a rare few.

Now, I know the announcers have to try to hype up their sport, but there is such a thing as "overdoing" it.   I watched part of the biathlon today, and I was ready to punch the NBC announcer (not sure who it was).    There was a favored skiier (forget which country.. ), who missed his fourth or fifth shot, and you'd have swore, according to this announcer, the world was about to end.   "Oh my god, he missed!  He missed!  He just blew his olympic chance!"...   how about getting some perspective like how much the weather changes was much more influential in the outcome (all the favorites got late starts and were totally hosed by the weather.)

I understand how important the two parts are in the biathalon, but someone has to explain to these announcers that there are certain moments worth getting excited over.   Missing one shot in a biathlon doesn't do it, and was not worth a "oh my god!" moment on air.

At least with the Nordic event, you can at least get a little excited by the outcome...

PS:  Poor China was completely outclassed in their women's hockey match, and it clearly showed...  but at least they didn't get shutout.  (give them a few more olympics to figure out the game...), the Finland/Russia one however, has actually been pretty good.. (and no judge's scorecards to determine the outcome :) )

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