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Posted on: September 30, 2009 12:18 pm
Edited on: September 30, 2009 12:19 pm

Over my Saturday Disappointment

Yes,, USM Lost to Kansas University...  We had our opportunities to get ahead of Kansas and change the entire complexion of the game.  How well would Kansas play from behind?  I don't know.. I know they had troubles kill our momentum when we got it (and when we gave it back), but that week they were the better team and they won.. not much you can argue on that one.

Austin Davis finally looks like he knows what he's supposed to do with those Option pitches.    GO back and watch the first three games.. he'd run the play, and regardless of whether or not 3 players were honing in on the pitchman, he'd pitch it anyway.  If I didnt' know better, he was acting afraid that he'd be hit... but then came the Kansas game... and boy has Austin matured in just one week.

He took chances, ran quarterback draws, kept the ball on option plays.. he was looking like an all-American athlete out there.  Unfortunately, it came in a loss (and was due in part to that screwball 4th and 1 call at the end of the first half), but it was his play that kept us in the game.

Now as for Deandre Brown... i know you're worried about that leg, D.. but you gotta be wiling to admit your'e going to be hit.    Look at the other guys... Look at what Parham and Baptiste did... they went up for balls and they took shots...   Right now, D.. you're a 'Big play" receiver and that seems to be all... too many drops, too many worrying about the incoming hit from the opposing players.   (although pulling in that underthrown bomb in the middle of the field was a thing of beauty, even though it hurt your shoulder on the landing).

If you don't get hit now, you're going to get hit later.. find out how good your body really is, take the shot and hold on to those balls.

We could have been 4-0 going into C-USA play, but I'll be willing to take 3-1... now we just need to run the table.. and make sure we containt that Houston offense in a few weeks...

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