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Posted on: April 14, 2010 2:03 pm

I think they could break that record!!

And i'm refering to the 0-21 start by the Baltimore Orioles.    Plain and simple, my Astros are HORRENDOUS.  They can get hits, but they can't score runs.  I don't care what anyone says, but 13 runs in 7 games, is not a sign of a slump.  It's the sign of a Farckin' disaster!

Half of the team roster is batting below the infamous "Mendoza line".. and that includes Carlos Lee (3 hits, and _9_ strikeouts... oh great, its' "homerun swinger Lee back at the plate!" ) and Hunter Pence... yeah, that slump from last year?    It's "baaaack!".    Good flipping  lord...

Oswalt is the only starting pitcher with an ERA Under 4.00.. don't tell me that Waddy Roddy-rodriguez is going to turn it around "like that".   

Hell, by the all-star break, I'm thinking Oswalt will be dealt, I woudn't be surprised if Bourne's traded off... and we'll have Pellz and Pence to try to carry the team... "The Killer P's", I guess?

I know, I shouldnt' be this hard on my team, but hell, they truly do stink right now.. and do you see -ANYONE- worth calling up from AAA?   Cause I'm drawing a blank.. a complete and total blank.  I knew we had some hard times coming in, but did I honestly think they were going to be 0-22 hard?  

I do now.. (And I"m not even sure what the price tag on Myers is...)

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