Posted on: April 23, 2010 11:00 am

NFL Round 1 Opinions

Here goes!!   NFL Draft Day!!   Whee... the future is NOW!!!    And teams fans say they're ready to improve and their team is going to be getting the next Superstar!!     (Unless you're Jacksonville)

So here are my opinions on some of the draft round 1 outcomes..

First for my Saints

Saints:    My Grade B-.    If they can really improve on Robinson's playing abilities to go with his talent... This could easily upgrade to an A.      The fact that he plateau'd in his senior season worried me.    But you can see the kid has a LOT of talent there to work with, if there's anyone to do it, it'd be Gregg Williams.   

NOw as for the other ideas: 

Teams who moves/picks I liked that nobody else seems to (or might and just won't admit it)

     Chargers -    WHAT you say?  The Chargers?  THey moved up to take a RB?   Yes.. But I like Matthews that much, and I didn't see Matthews getting past Houston.   The Chargers now have (IMO), a "Lighting and Lightning" combination in Sproles and Matthews.   Matthews will come in and get some touches immediateliy.

     Cowboys -    I had actually written Dez Bryant in my original mock draft pick for the Cowboys, but I changed it out, because I didnt' think he'd fall to them as far down the list the Cowboys were.      The "ghost of passing on Randy Moss " is now off Jerry Jones' list.   For Bryant to fall to the Cowboys, has me wondering if that when they exploded Texas Stadium, the finally got the angle right when they say that "God was looking down on the cowboys".

     Packers   - Bryan "Caviar" Buluga...  IF the Packers could have protected Rogers better, they'd have been a better playoff team, and who knows what would have happened if that changes...    Buluga will get thrown into the fire of the packers' offensive line immediately and it may take him some time to adjust, but when he does....

    Broncos -  Whether or not you like Tebow.. they said they had three targets in mind in the 1st round.    They got two of them despite trading down twice and they still got an extra 3rd rounder out of it.  (despite giving up 3 picks in the process.)

Teams who moves/picks I didn't like:
      Jacksonville -  I dont' care what anyone says.. There is no way that the BPA on the Jaguars board could have been Alualu after Spiller was taken.   I just don't see it, no way, no how.

       Philadelphia:    When they moved up, I really thought they were going for Earl Thomas .   They need a new captain in their secondary, and Thomas was a sure fire "locK" IMO to fit that mold.  So when they went for Graham, I'll admit I was stunned.   Did they need a outside pass rush?  Yes.. but to move up for it.. was too costly for my tastes.

       Detroit:  Detroit is kind of a 50/50.  The first choice was obvious, but I think they moved up way too soon to pick up Best.    I think Best would have been there if they stayed where they were in the 2nd.   You had Minn/Indy/NO/St. L in front of you... the only team that might have needed a new RB was Indy, which may have been the concern.   St. Louis was already set with Jackson.  If NO went wtih a RB it'd have been a bigger guy than best... and Minnesota has a few other needs (such as CB).

Who got killed by another's team moves:
       Buffalo -   NFL-N said that Buffalo HAD an offer on the table to get back into the first for Tebow.. but Denver basically just gave up a ton of "extra" picks they had lying around and beat them to hte punch...  For Baltimore, you can't pass on a 2nd, 3rd, _and_ a 4th.    Denver keeps an extra 3rd and gets Tebow.. .Buffalo has to turn their attention to (and hope for) Claussen or McCoy now to fall to them.

       Houston  -  I still say Matthews was theirs for the taking... SD prettty much killed them.

       Jacksonville -   They wanted Spiller apparently (and I thought they wanted Tebow.. so I was way off there.)

       Minnesota - for a late pick they got hit by NO hard., I think NO took their top 2nd round target in Robinson.    I know the heads say that they'll take a QB in the 2nd, but honestly, I'm not sure where they're going to go.

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