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Posted on: December 2, 2009 1:48 pm

Where are my playoff calculators?

Why can't anyone get a playoff calculator active after Week 10? That's when it gets fun on trying to figure out who to root for/not to root for?  Although I KNOW I'm rooting for the *Gag/cough/wheeze/hack*IGGLES?!?!*cough/gag/hack/wheeze*. 

Yahoo's can't be considered correct until next week (Week13), Playoffstatus.com hasn't even put there's up yet (usually have it up by now?)...  Playoffpicture doesn't have one.

I know the "playoff scenarios" are out ther for clinching.. but what happened to the fun days, when you could figure out if a GB win or loss to Baltimore could lock up a wild card birth for your team if you were say the Falcons?
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