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Doug Lesmerises backs me up :)

Without realizing it, of course... last blog entry I complained about the issues of the polling system and what I would do to correct it (within reason of course).

That being said, I just saw Doug Lesmerises top 25, and while I don't agree with him completely, I gotta congratulate him.  He proved me right, a lot of the reports I'm now reading are blasting the Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter for not going with the group think.  

The key line he said in a quick interview on the Gameday show:   "I don't use this neutral field matchup routine, because it didn't happen".   WELL SAID DOUG!!  We should be seeing a rating based on the BEST teams in the nation based on their performance.

Hopefully, Doug, you've set a trend, because it sounded like all but IDIOT Craig James agreed with your theory (James was sticking to the "history says" and "neutral field" issue.).. Even Kiper agreed with him, which shocked the you know what out of me.

I'd probably disagree with Doug on some of his picks, but I have to commend him for standing up for what he believes and what he sees.

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Posted on: September 25, 2009 5:08 pm
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Polls = Poppycock

After reading Doyle's "article" about the 'overrating' of teams due to their conference in early polls, I have one question for Mr. Doyle.. Did you have a vote in the AP poll and if you did, can we ask where you ranked the Rebels?

That being said, Mr. Doyle brought up some points that were obvious to most fans of college football that seem to be a "revelation" To other sportswriters.     Polls are OPINIONS nothing more.  So why is it that a National Championship based on sports reporters "opinions" more relevant than Joe Q Public? 

Let's point out a few points.

AP Polls   Most reporters based on the east coast, don't keep up with west coast games.    Think about it.   If Oregon/Washington dont' finish until midnight central time, that means it's 1 a.m. on the east coast, and most reporters are under deadlines to get their articles completed, so they see about the same as Joe Public.. Highlights.  That's their grading criteria more often than not.

Conference "priority" :   Why is it that a Big-10 team is given higher credentials than an MWC team?   Why is a SEC team given priority over a C-USA team?  History.    Would any reporter explain to me why what happened 4 or 5 years ago is relevant to this season?

Recruiting grades:    I know , i know.. these are the kids from high-school who are "all-stars".   Most high recruits usually get the priviledge of a redshirt season... So they don't even fit into an equation the following year.   But I hear "University X" had a top 20 recruiting class.. based on what?  Stats from teens who may or may not have reached their physical development?

The one thing the BCS did right... they don't count the polls until Week 6 (i Think it's 6) into their calculations.   But a few things get to get straightened up.   But why is it that an Oklahoma loses to a (then undefeated) BYU...  but they only drop from 3 to 13, and since BYU was beaten handily by Florida State, they haven't dropped below 2-1 FLorida State?    (still unranked, with Oklahoma still a top 10 team).  WHat has Oklahoma done to prove that their record (BYU - L , Idaho State/Tulsa - W) is more valid than FLorida state (Miami - L, BYU/Jacksonville STate - W).

What happened to proving something with wins/losses rather than sportswriter's opinions?  When the BCS dropped a couple of ranking systems from their formula, did it not seem suspicious that the polls dropped were ones based on wins, losses, and statistics, and not one of the opinion polls (reporters or coaches?)    Name one coach that has time to keep up with _ALL_ 120 Division 1-A teams in the country.

And this is what the BCS wants to base their mythical "national" champion on?    A small subset of public opinion?     Does anyone else see the problem with this?

Other than the team that wins the national championship the previous season, shouldn't the best teams be the ones with the fewest losses?    Did you know that at hte moment, there are exactly 25 teams in the nation that are undefeated .   (PDF still shows Ole Miss as undefeated, as it hasn't been updated yet).  Should these 25 teams not be the top 25 teams in the nation until they are defeated?    When you narrow down the undefeated teams, then you can argue about everyone underneath them... but until then 0 losses = best teams in the nation.

There is a way to fix this.. but of course, I can assure you it's not going to happen... because these schools want their "BCS money".

Note: We are only including Football schools in this..

First:    We are going to allow polls, however, as you will see, they are very limited as to what they're involvement will be.
Second:   We are going to convert the entire country into 5 "super conferences"  of 24 teams per super conference... you can go to 6/20 if you wish.. it's up to you.

Each Super conference very simiilar to the NFL.. you'll have 2 Divisions, with 2 subdivisions.

East Conference:   First Division - sub conference a and B.   Secon division - Sub Conference A and B

You'll play your Sub-Conference teams (5 games), you'll play 2 teams from your B conference (rotating of course), and then you have to play the other two conferences that finished in the same position you did in the standings.  (so if you finished 3rd in East-First-A, you'll have to play the team that finished 3rd in East-2nd-A and East-2nd B).

That's 9 games... that will give you TWO OOC game that you're free to schedule as you wish... there's your 11 regular season games
If you decide to schedule a Jacksonville State, that's your business... if you think it's what you need to be "Impressive".

Now that we're done, now you've got 4 division champions determined...  A vs. B,  C vs. D..   Winners face off... that's 13 games to set your playoffs in motion.   Winner take all..

That gives you 5 conference champions... and NOW you can look to the polls

Take the 3 top ranked teams in your polls who didn't win their conference championship.. and throw them in there.   (If you go with 6 conferences, you only take the top 2 ranked teams)...  you now have your playoffs.    The conference champions with the best rankings get the top seeds of the playoffs, the ranked non-champs get slots 6. 7, and 8.

Now there are some cons in there...   How do you set up the conferences?  Geographically of course... YOu want something to talk about, you set up it as much as you can in geographics... Yes, some smaller schools are going to bring down some numbers, but you know what.. deal with it.  Treat it like a sport and not a business for once.... Here's an example (Feel free to move teams as you see necessary).

The Southern Superconference:

Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, East Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Houston, Kentucky, La-Lafayette, La Tech, LA-Monroe, LSU, Marshall, Memphis, Mississippi, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Southern Methodist, Southern Mississippi, Tennessee, Troy, Tulane, UAB, Vanderbilt.

East:    Army, Boston College, Buffalo, Clemson, Connecticut, Duke, Florida Atlantic, Florida Int'l, Florida State, Georgia TEch, Louisville, Maryland, Miami Fla, Navy, North Carolina, NC STate, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, S Florida, Syracuse, UCF, Virginia, VIrginia Tech, Wake Forest

Midwest:    Air Force, Arkansas STate, Baylor, Cincinnati, Colorado, Col. St, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Middle Tennesee, Missouri, Nebraska, Rice, Okalahoma, Ok. State, Tulsa, TCU, Texas, Tex A&M, Tex. Tech, North Texas, West Virginia, W. Ky, Wyoming

Heartlands;    Akron, Ball State, Bowling Green, central Michicagn, E. Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kent STate, Miami Ohio, Michigan, Michigan state, minnesota, N. Illinois, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio, Ohio state, penn state, purdue, temple, toledo, W. Michigan, Wisconsin

West:   Arizona, Ariz. State, boise state, BYU, Cal, Fresno State, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico state, Utah, ORgeon, Oregon State, New Mexico, San Jose State, USC, Stanford, SD state, UTEP, UCLA, UNLV, Utah State, Washington, Washington State

Let each region of the country find their 'champion'.. and then compete for the real National Champion...

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