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Posted on: April 13, 2010 1:41 pm

Smoke (finally clearing out), Mirrors (breaking)

So how far can a team really sink?      Ask USM's Baseball team...  After an average season last year, the Golden Eagles got hot with Corky Palmer's retirement announcement, and rode that all the way to a College World Series appearance.  

And USM fans thought we had something...  

We did.. until Corky left.   After a 13-5 start, with some wins that weren't all that impressive, and some losses that were... dubious, at best.    (Lemoyne?!), I think the 'retirement' push is now officailly done.   We're 3-9 in the last 12, including get swept at home by UCF... UCF!?!?

When it was first announced that Coach Berry was the hand-picked successor to Corky, I was willing to believe that the coach had the ability to take over the reigns from the legend (Yes, Corky is a "LEGEND!".), I was going to let Corky name his follower in his footsteps... and boy howdy, I WAS WRONG!

This team can hit the ball... but they can't swing at first pitch strikes, they have absolutely NO baserunning ability, horrible pitching, a LOUSY arm behind the plate...    It's time for Scott Berry (and in a lesser effect, Corky) to say that he is in over his head in terms of coaching. 

Yes, we've played LSU close, going extra-innings, but we only play 2 or 3 of those "big-name" out of conference games a year.. and we can't win those (see LSU and Ole Miss), but when you're losing a home series against UCF or UAB and you're losing games you shouldn't (Lemoyne, St. Mary's), then there's something wrong.

USM rode an emotional wave into the CWS... unfortunately that wave is now officially a "Wipe out".
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