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Posted on: February 10, 2010 9:50 pm

WSPLD: Offseason Activity #1

"What should Payton and Loomis Do?"

I think it was Bill Parcells who stated that you celebrated a Super Bowl Sunday win on Monday, but Tuesday it's back to work. Well, it's actually Wednesday, and one day is one day (in this case)
So it's time no longer to stand pat, because if you do stand pat, everyone goes out of their way to pass you, and keep your team from trying to become a dynasty.

So it's time to check the top FA's, per Sporting News
and the top draft picks:  Scout.com

So what do the Saints need to do?  (Besides resign their RFA's and UFA"s?)

Problem #1:   Defensive End:   I know a lot of people are saying the Saints need to address the OLB position (as seen by the outside runs the Saints gave up).  I on the other hand say the primary problem is the Defensive End position.  Sorry Charles Grant, but it's time for you to go.  YOu're not earning the money the organization has been paying you.

Free Agency
Solution #1a:    Free Agency -   Kyle Vanden Bosch .  THat's right, I said KVB (a 31 year old player).    There have been stories galore about the issues over the "considered" top FA prospect Julius Peppers.  And while the Saints did a very good job taking some "malcontents" and making them part of this team, the key was that these malcontents were never actual trouble makers.

One could argue that Vanden Bosch is not a "Great" DE the past two years, but this last year you could argue he didn't have a coworker on the other side to free him up, yet he still got 3.5 sacks (that's only 2 sacks less than Grant got before his injury).

Jeremy Shockey?    Media-spun that he was a trouble maker
Jonathan Vilma?   Not a trouble maker, just needed to be in a 4-3 defense, not the Jets 3-4.
Anthony Hargrove?  Straightened his life out and wanted to prove it.

Peppers?   Malcontent... that's not what Payton and Loomis want.  they want guys who want to prove they're on the straight and narrow.

Give me KVB over Peppers easy...

Draft solution #1:   Draft Greg Hardy, Ole Miss.

Before he broke his wrist, he was considered a top prospect for the draft (arguably top 5 depending on who you ask.)   The kid hasn't lost the talent, he just wasn't able to play this year after the wrist injury.  The talent is still there, and that talent is top 5 that might just slide to the end of Round 1.   If he slides to #32, you GRAB this talent. 

Vanden Bosch and Hardy would be a huge 1-2 combo to pull off this offseason, if you could do both, but even a 50% success rate here would be a major snag for the Saints this offseason.

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