Posted on: October 7, 2009 12:49 pm

KU loss, disappointment.. UAB loss, frustration!

Okay, I can forgive the KU loss for USM.   We just got outgunned by the time it was done.. but we were in that game.

The UAB loss... I don't get it.   I know, I know, the fumbles by Parham, the loss of Davis, the non-attendance by Fletcher and the ongoing injury to DeAndre Brown.  But I honestly don't get this loss.

Fedora said we were a BCS contending team.. so WHY, why is it when you're playing a team that cannot pass the ball at all (no offense UAB fans), you simply play pass defense ALL Game?    USM got beat by 3 basic plays.. Run left, run right, and QB draw.  That was it!   That's what beat us.

You cannot tell me that the UAB quarterback was more dangerous than Sewell or Reesing.. or any harder to bring down.  ALl season our defense has struggled to bring down scrambling quarterbacks when we'd even make those mythical arm tackles.. but that performance was just PATHETIC.

I know LFed's got this program going the right way, and we're still one game over .500...but if our defensive coordinator doesn't wake up, that winning seasons streak is in definite danger this season, especailly with Tulsa, Rice, and Houston still on the schedule...

Fortunately, i think this is Bye week (don't have my handy-dandy schedule in front of me), to get it right, and I hope Fedora rips into his own coaching staff, and challenges the DL to DO THEIR JOBS!

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